Navigating the Minefield: Rules & Regulations Surrounding Tokenization

Navigating the Minefield: Rules & Regulations Surrounding Tokenization

Navigating the Minefield: Rules & Regulations Surrounding Tokenization

Five of the pioneering attorneys and legal service providers from the digital security and crowdfunding industries will gather together for a panel discussion at the upcoming Security Token Summit this April 8 at the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles. Positions previously held by these speakers include administrations of former United States presidents, drafting of the JOBS Act, and counsel for some of the world’s leading VC firms.

Amy Wan, Sagewise: Amy Wan, Co-Founder, and CEO of Sagewise, is a leading voice within the smart contract, STO, and compliance communities. Wan was previously general counsel of a real estate crowdfunding platform, a partner at a law firm, and a Presidential Management Fellow in the federal government. Her company Sagewise provides investor support, compliance, and dispute resolution services for security token issuers. Wan commented on the complexity and simultaneous need for understanding to propel the industry ahead.

“The incumbent financial services industry is a complex jumble of nuanced laws and regulations. It is critical for STO companies to untangle and understand these laws and regulations in order to move the STO industry forward,” Wan said.

Marc Boiron, FisherBroyles: Marc Boiron is a partner in the Corporate, Technology, FinTech, and Blockchain practice groups at FisherBroyles. Before his most current position, he founded and led the Blockchain, Smart Contracts, and Cryptocurrencies group at Rutan & Tucker, LLP. Boiron has published in law reviews, spoken at leading conferences across the world, and served as counsel to some of the most renowned projects in the digital security industry. Boiron talked about the importance of getting compliance right due to the fact that regulators have eyes on the space.

“As news about the launch of new STOs has started to become a daily occurrence, compliance with rules and regulations surrounding security tokens and their interactions globally will start to be tested, and with the eyes of the regulators on the space, getting it right is of upmost importance,” Boiron said.

Dina Rochkind, Paul Hastings: Dina Rochkind works out of Washington D.C. at Paul Hastings Government Affairs where she represents clients that appear before Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch. Her focus is in crowdsourcing, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Prior to her position at Paul Hastings, she worked in the Administration of George W. Bush, as well as for various representatives and senators across party lines. Additionally, Rochkind was involved in the drafting of several bills, including the JOBS Act and the 2005 bankruptcy reform legislation.

Marty Tate, Carman, Lenhof, and Israelsen: For the past ten years, Marty Tate has been advising clients in the crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending spaces. His work has a particular focus on the JOBS Act, Regulation D offerings, intrastate offerings, and Regulation A Offerings. Throughout his career, Tate has provided counsel for over $500 million in debt and equity financings. He is admitted to the Bar in the state of Utah where he represents a number of entrepreneurs, small and large companies, as well as private investors, finance companies, national and regional banks, and venture capital firms.  

Andrew Elson, Fincross: Andrew Elson serves as Chief Counsel at Fincross, a next-generation investment bank that bridges traditional and digital finance. Before Fincross, Elson had a 20-year career that included positions at AT&T Broadband and TCI Communications during the digital transition of the telecom industry. Elson also co-founded a globally-managed legal services company called Alexius. As an industry-veteran, Elson recently talked about how regulators communicate to one another.

“We already know that the regulators are talking to one another. They are looking at some of these new digital markets as test-beds. They understand that fintech and this new wave of digital banking is here for the duration and they’re going to have to work with it and understand it,” Elson said.

The legislation around digital securities is difficult to catch up with, so the fact that we have five pioneering attorneys and leading experts from the industry to sit down and discuss this legal landscape is remarkable. These experts have helped draft the legal frameworks behind the regulations that shaped the digital securities and crowdsourcing industries. They have held positions with some of the highest-ranking officials and at some of the most successful companies in the entire world.

Come and see these five world-class speakers at the Security Token Summit panel discussion, “Navigating the Minefield: Rules & Regulations Surrounding Tokenization” this April 8 in Los Angeles.

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